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Are you frustrated with the rising cost of firewood? Call Pioneer Firewood Delivery for the best prices and fast and dependable firewood delivery. We travel all over Minnesota to help people heat their homes without spending a fortune. Whether you rely on firewood as the main source of heat in your home or you just need fireplace logs for your cabin, we have the best service and the best firewood prices in Minnesota.


Don’t search all over for the best firewood prices. Make one phone call to Pioneer Firewood Delivery. We’ll take care of all of your firewood needs with dependable delivery and the highest quality materials. Give us a call at 320-390-0217 for firewood sales you can count on.

Firewood for Sale

Since 1994, Pioneer Firewood Delivery has been your best solution for heating your home with wood burning stoves and fireplaces. Whatever type of food you need for your home, we will most likely carry it. You don’t have to travel out into the cold and load up your truck with fireplace logs. We bring it straight to your door with reliable firewood delivery.

LP_2 Our service is available year-round. Our friendly and professional delivery crew will work around your schedule to ensure that you never run out of wood. Making the phone call to Pioneer Firewood Delivery now will ensure that you have good burning wood. Firewood can be ordered in any quantity.

The Highest Quality Firewood for Sale

Not all firewood is created equal. Pioneer Firewood Delivery has an excellent reputation in Minnesota for delivering the highest quality firewood for sale. We pick only the best pieces and never select firewood from dead or diseased trees. After a careful selection process, we dry and season our fireplace logs to ensure that you’re always burning the best.

If you ever receive wood from us that doesn’t burn to your standards, give us a call and we’ll make it right. We stand behind our product. We’re proud of the reputation we have built in Minnesota for superior firewood and outstanding customer service.

We have the varieties of wood you need, all cut in uniform fashion for easy and safe stacking. We can also provide kindling bundles if you need them. We’re your source for complete firewood sales. Call 320-390-0217 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Professional Firewood Delivery

For the lowest firewood prices and most efficient delivery, call Pioneer Firewood Delivery. We not only bring your firewood to your door, we also follow your exact specifications for stacking it on your property. The job is not completed until you’re completely satisfied.

LP_3 When it’s time to relax in front of the fire, the last thing that you want to worry about is running out of wood. We’ll work out a schedule that best fits your needs and consumption. Our friendly and hard-working staff members go out of their way to make sure that all of our customers have a superior, dry and properly aged supply of fireplace logs.

No job is too big or too small. Whether you have a large commercial operation with the need for several bundles at a time or just a small cabin with the need for reliable delivery, we’ll provide firewood sales and service that you can count on. We do offer quantity breaks when large quantities of wood are ordered.

You don’t have to worry about the rising cost of firewood. Pioneer Firewood Delivery always has the lowest firewood prices. We don’t sacrifice quality. You always get our best without ruining your budget. Pioneer never supplies diseased wood. That’s our promise to our customers.

If you would like the lowest firewood prices and our professional delivery services, call Pioneer Firewood Delivery at 320-390-0217. You always get the highest quality wood that is properly aged, dried and cut. You also get dependable firewood delivery service, no matter where you live in Minnesota.

Gather your family around a warm and comfortable fire this season. Pioneer Firewood Delivery will see to it that the fire burns bright.

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Pioneer Firewood Delivery provides professional delivery of firewood.

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